The conversing Silhouette

Hey there! This is a page from my diary dated 5.July.2013 (11:35). This is something I wrote for a friend who lost his grand-dad.

Today as I remember my own maternal grandfather and cry, my friends tell me why I shouldn’t and instead remember all the good time we had. It’s been 5 months now and I am still not ready to believe as to what happened and why did you go? 😥 This is a dedicated post to you Nana.. To our good times.. :’)

Stop chasing my shadow my son,

Now that you know that I have none,

Don’t you cry or be shattered,

See those old photos on your bed scattered;

See me with you- we’re both smiling.

When you start to miss me, don’t forget

I’m that star on the rainy day,

I’m the wind blowing you away,

Away with me, my son you fly,

You’ll find me there so don’t be shy,

Shy to meet me in your dreams tonight,

I’ll hold your hand and give you the flight;


On the way I’ll teach you ’bout good and bad,

Of the world, son now don’t be sad,

For every time you close your eyes,

Without any lust and without lies,

You’ll find my hand above your head,You’ll find me smiling beside your bed;

I’ll tell you how when you were small,

With your tiny legs you used to crawl,

Crawl up to me, and give me a smile,

No words you knew but that gesture lasted for a mile

Miles to go you have my son,

Make sure that i life your regrets are none:

Make me proud and then again smile

You now know the words but your love lasts a mile.. :’)

Take care of your sister,tell her I remember,

Her first steps when she started to walk,

Convey my love to every member,

When you people have my talk,

Tell them

Life is mortal, no one comes out alive,

Live it to the fullest and make it worthwhile.

Someday when you start losing me,

And forget introducing me,

to your wife and your child,

Remember I’m still there guarding you all,

So that in no trouble you shall fall,

Tell them too about the secret of life,

and that NO ONE comes out alive..

Stop crying in your sleep,

I did not die, don’t want you to weep,

I’m alive in your thoughts and your love my son,

Life is short,

Make sure your regrets are none…

Thanks for reading. Like it? Comment to let me know 🙂


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