How to choose a blog name?

So basically this is a different sort of a post than my previous ones.I don’t know, just felt like writing something today and thanks to the lack of inspiration I’ll let you know how to choose a good blog name and why I chose theaudaciousfrontdoor as my blog’s name.
So it’ll be a short post for all the newbies in the blogging world so that they can pick up a trick or two.
So basically when you are interested in making a blog you should keep in mind various aspects, like- #1. the audience that you’re catering to,#2. the theme that’ll prevail in most of your blogs,#3 your personality type, #4.your interests, #5.words or things that you absolutely love. So yeah, you get the idea.
To start with, try picking up two or more of the aspects that I mentioned and join ’em.
Scribble a lot, say that name aloud and then decide or draw chits, you’ll end up with something good for sure. 😅
Just make sure everyone notices your blog name and most importantly, that you love it yourself, because what goes inside the blog will be because of you being an afficionado of your own blog.
Also, why I chose theaudaciousfrontdoor as the blog’s name.
Amm, I basically loved blog names that sounded like Thepeachjacket, Thechickenpacket etc (wohoo, that rhymes) ;). (From there comes “THE”)
Also I am outspoken, audacious and a rebel.
(You get “AUDACIOUS” from here.)
And why front door?
Because as according to me, it’s the cowards who choose the back door.
I wanted to make everyone know my stand, to know that I’m not someone who’ll keep opinions that I have about things rot, that I’ll make a frontdoor entry and a frontdoor exit.
That’s it .
That’s theaudaciousfrontdoor for you, people.
Let me know if it was helpful.


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