What happens after the ending?

What happens to movies after they end?
Asked Susan, as she built castles in sand.
Ah,What happens to them? What do you want to know?
“I mean what happens to those characters, where do they go?”
What makes you ask such questions, my love?
“I just watched a few movies, kept in the drawer above”.
What exactly do you wish to seek?
“I mean where do those characters go, my reasoning is too weak”.
“What happened to Jo in Safe Haven? How did her kids grow up to be?”
“What happens to the Time traveler’s baby? Where on world today, is she?”

I want to know where my favourite characters are,
I want to crash authors’ cars,
Make paper planes and throw them at their apartments,
Make them write more of those fragments.
I want to know what lies ahead of that death, I want to discover that math.
I want to make sure they are eternal,
“Oh my baby, you’re just like me,
I also used to think like thee.”
I used to wonder what would the story of my favourite characters be after that last page of the novel,
Used to wish that movie lasted a bit longer,
But now I look back and I find my self wondering,
Maybe that was the ending because he wanted us to wonder,
Maybe he ran out of ideas and that is the reason why it ain’t longer,
Maybe that mystery world didn’t welcome him anymore,
And even if you force him to write, he won’t be able to justify it to the core.
Allow to quote my best friend if thou shall,
” Masterpieces are born out out of a lot of toiling,
they are like that perfect timing,
for the creator which might not last long. Just like a one in a million probability of it being a masterpiece, or maybe dragging the story longer would make it lose its sheen.”
But Daddy I keep seeing my favourite parts of my favourite Novels,
“That’s the beauty of it, Susan” said he.
Nothing goes on forever thou shall see.
Just as this beautiful life that you have,
The only difference is that you’re the author now,

You can make things work your way and you exactly know how,
Paint the colours that you like, the scenes which you adore,
Sketch your favourite food and the places you’ve explored.
Remember nothing is eternal but make your favourite parts so,
So that you preserve them forever and take them out when you feel low.
I got some of the reasons as well, said she.
Daddy maybe the authors and film makers wanted us to imagine what would happen next,
Or they wanted some things to just linger in between,
Daddy I’d lost interest if Narnia went on forever,
Maybe I wouldn’t even go back to the first part ever,
Maybe some things are better manifested through their ending,
Just like you’d never understand how much you loved mom until she was no more, right Dad?
A long pause leads us to the end of the conversation.
So much to ponder, so much will linger.


15 thoughts on “What happens after the ending?

  1. Nothing goes on forever thou shall see.
    Just as this beautiful life that you have,
    The only difference is that you’re the author now. πŸ’›
    Saumya, you’re amazing. I lack words to describe this.
    I always ponder what happens after the ending. This gave me all my answers. How could you be so right about it? πŸ™‚ Yes, we do switch to the first parts because we never want them not to be cherished :’).
    But darling, you answered my mysterious questions and I wouldn’t be able to thank you enough. :’)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just know how truly you mean every word that you wrote here.
      People often read and say It was good or “like” it, but it is for comments like these that I want to write more.
      When people let you that they can relate or they were able to find an answer through anything I wrote ,I feel I grow as a writer.
      Thank you πŸ’ :’)

      Liked by 1 person

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