Mid-night thoughts

You desire it when you go somewhere new,
Pray for it when you do not find things to add meaning to your life and cherish it when it is in proximity,
You hold on to the person, place, object or feeling so close that you jam-pack your heart with their love.

They’ll give you your best memories, linger in those midnight thoughts, sometimes they’ll give you hell for doing what you did to them, make you wonder where they were all this time, make you burst into laughter on your first day with them, make you forget how you thought you would never adjust to this new city.
How you thought you’d never make friends in this new setting. 


How you wished you don’t get attached to your room-mate because at the end of your law school degree, you guys gotta part. But you still do.
Making lives easier and tougher at the same time since forevermore.
Giving you reasons to smile, to expect and get hurt and then get ready for the cycle to repeat itself,
Making you realise that you’re not in this world alone.
But Time.
Making you aware that it’s not forever that you have and you’ve gotta hurry with your plans. Because when attachment will tell you you’re not alone, 
a clock will make things work on its own
way and you’ll be there-alone 
when your final time comes
Making it difficult for you two to keep up with each other and you might as well break-up.
It gives you so much but takes much more.
Sometimes the deepest sorrows or sometimes the feeling when they held you close to their body, only to fade into oblivion.
And then suddenly you’ll start losing your memory as to what they looked like, time will slowly remind you that everything must go.
Suddenly you’ll have to leave to the place to where you belonged and the fragrance of your rented apartment will slowly struggle to fit in your new luxury address.
Everything must go.
Time will heal your grief, it’ll transform the tears in your eyes and times where you could barely speak to the times when you’ll remember everything and every detail and smile.
Smile, because you had a reason to. No matter where that person goes that reason remains, safe;with you, it is yours to keep.
It hurts but it exists.
Everything must go.
Because it is not forever that you have and you’ve got to hurry with your plans 🙂


One thought on “Mid-night thoughts

  1. I like how well the ephemerality of all things in existence is so nicely juxtaposed onto that foreboding sense of eternity in any given moment. Very difficult to achieve, in my opinion.

    Liked by 1 person

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