The girl who made it through the fire.

*Dear Readers, here’s a post dedicated to a very special friend, Malvika*
I was really nervous before posting this up because you mean the world to me. Also, I was going to write a short story and then a poem but at last I settled for simple words that came out just like that. I am not even sure if you’ll like it, but I post this anyway



And I write this for you to know that everytime I tell you I love you, I mean it. 💖

“For she could turn the most heartrending situations into something you could easily surrender,
But as for her, life wasn’t exactly a walk to remember.
She won’t let it out-No, not even a bit of it,
But what went inside that room, that soul, that telephone that conversation is something which shall leave you astounded.
It shall make you realise what a beautiful art painting hung in the hotel that no one cared about.
But she was art- and an art always finds someone who beholds its beauty.
She found people who admired her just like that painting, but left her as soon as they checked out of the hotel, as soon as their work was over.
It wasn’t a sad life of course for you know life surprised her with its unpredictibility.

Lessons came from every nook and corner and she became the perfect therapist.
That’s basically the gist,
Of it.
I can picture her hugging away the pain and talking us through to the greener side.
She could talk about life and this journey as if she was the guide and us, travellers take this journey for the first time. But like every other guide she already knew the shortcomings but hid them so that she doesn’t scare us away, for the journey was beautiful and it wad meant to be experienced.
Her head full of curls making her look wild and carefree,
Gestures of a grown up,
I wonder where she bumped into them,
But like other things in her life,
Maybe they were inherited maybe they were something she grew up to be.
I think about all the happiness she gave and all that life offered her back in return,
I imagine all her greatest expectations, all the intellect, problems and all the aspirations she held in her head brimming with life.
But managed to save us all from a range of outcomes- suicides, heartbreaks, bad days, depression to name a few,
A few words became the ocean we let ourselves drown in ” “To Grow” was beautiful to us and “To accept”, too.
Two words.Infinite meanings.
One soul. Infinite possibilities.
The same soul. Playing the ostrich, hiding her head in the sand to let go of things that hurt.
You stood by the fire everytime, knew its repercussions but still stood by for you believed it could ruin only what you’d let it and you’re a fighter you won’t let it damage the things you live for.
Threw in only the negativity and watched it turn to ashes, urged us to do the same.
Again playing the ostrich, but in a smart way.
Using the hostel room to make plans and changes,
Worry about her, worry about him, worry about us,
Then get a headache and sleep through it.
For she will be the meanest girl around but the echt one, the only one who’ll get you.
You got us when we gobbled oodles of Curry and Chicken together.
Know what?


5 thoughts on “The girl who made it through the fire.

  1. Thank you so much. I love so much. :’) I’m not great with words like you are so there’s not a lot that I can say except thank you so much. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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