When alcohol talks


When alcohol talks, forget not it is the alcohol and not her,

and if she tells you about how sober she is or how she is okay and doesn’t need you to drag her- Listen,To her

but do not believe,

her or the alcohol, you know how scummy one of them is, the latter of course.

When alcohol reveals through her gestures,

that it is you who she thinks is the one at 2 am the other night,

you might want to grin,

She couldn’t have drunk dialed another number and talked slurry to someone else, believe me.


When alcohol tells you that she thinks rum is the one,

doubt not, again, yes it was you sometime back,

but hey it’s been 5 minutes and she’s an opinionated woman

When she starts remembering you and your times you’ve had

You have the liberty to fool her into believing that you think the same.

But she doesn’t deserve that hurt with that much rum in her blood,

and you in her head, or otherwise.

Assure her friends- vodka and gin,

that you’ll not forget that they let her dial your number.

And that will not think you’re supreme and  that she is feeble for she is not.

When she sleeps at 3 today and checks her phone at 9 the other day

she would know very well that it was the alcohol that spoke and was sad

and you who flew and fled.

If only you could gather that rum spoke the other day and not her

would you be wiser,

for it’s been a day, and she’s a fickle minded woman anyway 😉




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